Anna Dennis

About Anna

I began my love of creativity and the arts over 20 years ago by writing two novels, Who Will Hear My Screams and The Purest of Pain. I then contributed to an anthology entitled, On The Line with Donna Hill and 16 other authors published by Harlequin.

I took some time off to raise my two children but have now re-emerged as a voice over talent and actress. While I have always toyed with the notion of doing voice overs for animated films, I didn’t see the way in until BACKSTAGE. The opportunities to grow in ones career and gain exposure are limitless.

My recent credits include, “Zoog Storybook Reader,” Co-star of “Parole,” Podcast interview on “The Astoria Filmmakers Club,” voice over and actress in a Corporate Training video for Meta, Police Dispatcher vo for an animated short film, “Fortnite – The AI Betrayal,” and print work in the May 2023 issue of “Fashion Republic Magazine.”

Michael Karpienski’s Web Design has helped me to beautifully showcase the next chapter of my body of work with a website that is professional, polished and exemplifies the many facets of me.

I have been married for 28 years, and have two grown children. Next stop…Voice Arts Awards…fingers crossed!!!